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Andrey: As a gifted orator once said, “I’m a slave 4 U”. For twelve hours straight we toiled, to bring you what is possibly the most putritly festive, grotesque, bloated half-hour holiday special imaginable. That’s right- I said half hour. In Canada, it’s quantity over quality, and with Alastair Europe-bound, Gord and I have seen fit to deliver a Christmas Podcast to end not only other such Podcasts, but also possibly civilization as a whole.

Hold on to your hat, and wait impatiently for the 27MB MP3 to download. Trust me: it’s worth it. Nine out of our ten listeners recommend it.

Dramatis Personae
Gord Myren
Andrey Summers
Emily Horn
Fiona Revill
Sonny Bobardt
with Cathy Hronek, Dan Horn, Adrienne Paulson and “Dave”.

Written by
Andrey Summers
James Simpson
Fiona Revill

Original Music by
Gord Myren
with “Santa Klau-au-auss” Lyrics written and performed by Andrey Summers

Directly Download MP3

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Season 1, Episode 8 Commentary

  • Andrey: I don’t know if this is the kind of present you were expecting from us come the holiday month, but too bad. It seems Gord and I have mustered our hordes on the slopes of Mount Podcast and launched a holy war on Christmas, in the form of the very first Rubber Chicken Christmas Podcast.Unfortunately, this is an offer you can not exchange for cash, or store credit, so despite the fact that the file is a whopping 27 megs, you might as well unwrap what is possibly the most tightly packaged HALF HOUR SPECIAL known to man.We spoil you, you know. We do. My own family has yet to see a nickel from me this year, and it’s Christmas Day tomorrow, for Christ’s sake.
    Literally, for his sake, too.
  • Commentary coming sooon!

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