The Chicken Feed

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In this comeback special, The Rubber Chicken daringly takes on the world’s easiest target: FM radio.

Includes the sketches:
The Secret Sound
Arnold P. Gizzardnaut
Fear 91.1 FM
Nickelback to Nickelback
The Last Day
Stephen Hawking & Satan Discuss Comic Timing
Roadkill with Billy-Bob

Original Music
The I Feel Pretty Good Blues recorded by the Red Square Collective. Lyrics by Andrey Summers. Music and performance by Gord Myren.
The Turtle Song
improvised by Chris Shadforth.  Music by Alastair Craig.

Episode compiled by Alastair Craig and Tim Morrison

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Season 2, Episode 1 Commentary

  • Andrey: No sooner does the wheel of industry begin turning again here at than a shiny new Podcast rises from the ocean. In minutes, the great beast has batted the head off of the statue of liberty in a horrifc display of might that can only be called a “three-pointer”. Watch with us now, as shaky cam-corder footage with impossibly long battery life chronicles the lumbering journey of this behemoth from the deep, and the insect-like warmaking our feeble metal-throwers attempt to make upon it.

    Cloverfield references aside, though, we’ve tried real hard to distance our podcast from being defined as the shaky handy-cam footage of audio programs.

    I don’t know exactly how I’m helping with that right now.

  • Commentary coming sooon!

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