The Chicken Feed

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It’s guffaws at 700 feet as The Rubber Chicken troupe takes to the skies.

Guest Starring
Michelle Rodriguez

Includes the sketches:
In-Flight Announcements
Stephen Hawking and Satan Discuss Emoticons
Andrey vs Fiona: Countdown to Biology
Susie vs Robbie: The Tear-Stained Sandbox
The Self-Referential Sketch
Toni’s Brain
An Unsanitary Paradox

Original Music
Wanna B N Angel written and performed by Andrey Summers and Gord Myren
Recorded by the Red Square Collective

Episode compiled by Alastair Craig
(with thanks to Ben K and Tim Morrison)

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Season 2, Episode 4 Commentary

  • Andrey: I die and am reborn. Clothed in midnight, lapping at the ashes blown from the mind-incinerator, I wait below the oceans, like a small kitten who has fallen hilariously behind the couch during an encounter with a piece of loose string.I am one of the Piscine Overlords, and in the depths of your earth – a planet more alien to you than you dare nightmare – we are legion. The hour we hunger for draws ever-near. With every hollow breath, it closes on us like a cat-door closes behind a small kitten as he makes his first darling trip into the front yard.Nothing can stop us, for we are older than the stars. We are older than time. We are older than a kitten. But as the final days of your dominion here wane, you may find solace in the one true chronicle of the coming darkness.Pay heed, human. Careful heed to Episode 204 of the Rubber Chicken Podcast. For here, the seeds of the apocalypse are sewn.Sewn like a precious little sweater for your kitten.

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